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We are on a mission to make rent payments easier for building managers and tenants

And we have an amazing team working towards our mission

ManageGo was built by real estate managers for real estate managers.

Our team has many years of experience in rental management and property maintenance. We built a product that we needed desparately, and we developed it with you in mind. From online and mobile payment solutions, to rental applications and service tickets & maintenance, we had you in mind throughout the process.

The people and things behind our company

Lazar Waldman

Founder and CEO

Lazar Waldman serves as the President at ManageGo. He founded ManageGo in 2008 and is active in the executive operations, overseeing corporate strategy and partnerships.

Lazar also serves as Chief Executive Officer at LW Developers, a leading New York real estate development and management company with a strong portfolio of real estate assets.

He has deep experience in the industry, possessing the expertise and knowledge to develop and manage modern residential buildings. He is applying his understanding of property management to making the ManageGo platform practical and convenient for clients and tenants.


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Chaim Lowenstein

VP, Business Strategy

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A visionary with an ability to develop, position, promote and build businesses, having been a rainmaker in the IT business for over twenty years.

Chaim is a rare breed of executive who possesses a blend of entrepreneurial instinct and corporate business acumen.

Specialties: Developing strategic partnerships, Advising on products and features, researching and surveying market trends to plan for the long term.

Ryan Kunzmann

VP Risk and Compliance


We couldn’t do without you!

Naftali Klein

Founder, VP of Product

Naftali Klein is VP of Product at ManageGo. He has managed properties in the past and, being knowledgeable in the logistics of management, spearheads designing product enhancements and financial transaction improvements to achieve a seamless experience for tenants and ManageGo clients.

With a logical mindset, as well as a deep understanding of property managers’ needs, Naftali conjures up creative solutions to complex challenges and guides the team of developers, designers, project managers, and business development teams at ManageGo.

Prior to being appointed VP of Product, he served as the lead technology adviser, creating the design and technology stack of the current ManageGo solution.

Sarah Bonder

VP of Sales

Sarah Bonder serves as VP of Sales at ManageGo. Her more than 8 years of experience in sales has sculpted her into an exceptional leader, and she has reached milestone achievements in areas such as business development and account management.

She directs the in-house team of sales representatives, while overseeing the customer acquisition and sales strategy.

Sarah joined ManageGo in early 2016 and has been instrumental in leading ManageGo to new heights.

Our support team

They’re really good!

Boris Gorvitz

VP, Implementations


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